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System Description: 

    Trans World uses many different technologies, ranging from Gasification to Advanced Pyrolysis and Plasma Arc. The technology choice is based on several factors, including the type of waste stream we are trying to eliminate.

   The following is a brief description of the gasification facility. Each facility is designed and engineered based on the waste that will be gasified. The gasification technology is similar for all feed stocks, however, there are some minor changes needed based on the type of waste. Medical and DEA wastes require tracking, proof of destruction, and higher security; some wastes require higher temperature in the gasification chamber. Permitting is based on the type of waste that will be processed at each facility.
     To achieve the greatest environmental impact we utilize a "closed loop" system (no air emissions) that allows us to recover 100% of the energy from the waste. We use heat recovery from the boiler exhaust and gas cooling systems for drying of feed stocks, when required. In addition, our facilities are built on a curbed treated concrete base with drains to capture all storm water. The storm water is saved for future use. Some wastes are too dry for proper gasification, so water is added.

The storm water system is attached to the local waste water treatment facility for proper treatment of excess storm water. We also use CO2 sequestration technology. The CO2 gas is compressed to a liquid and sold commercially. We use the syngas to fire boilers that produce steam, which is either sold or used to turn turbines to produce electricity(which is sold into the grid).

    Most of the commercially proven gasification facilities are located in Japan, throughout Asia, and Europe.